Dear Delia

Oh man, the day is finally here.

After approx 160 days in New Zealand together, it was your turn to leave. Before we started our exchange year, we heard a lots of stuff. People tried to tell us how it should be, what we should learn, what we will be happy for, and what we will cry for. This time, they had right.
I got told that I will meet friends for life, and that day we need to be separated, will be a hard day.

This day is a hard day, because I do not know when we will see each other again. I know that I will not see you tomorrow, or even when the holidays is finished and we are back in school. That sucks.

But hey, what can we do? We need to carry on, and we both know that we will see each other again.

So dear Delia, thank you for this time. Thank you for all the memories, all the new experiences, all the laughs and all the serious times.

You will be missed,


Some pics of a few moments togheter: 


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